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人工智能写诗! 微软小冰发《阳光失了玻璃窗》诗集!_AG官方入口

本文摘要:Microsofts AI has published the first-ever poetry collection written by an AI.日前,微软公司的人工智能出版发行了有史以来第一部由人工智能撰写的诗集。


Microsofts AI has published the first-ever poetry collection written by an AI.日前,微软公司的人工智能出版发行了有史以来第一部由人工智能撰写的诗集。The poems were published on May 19 by Beijing-based Cheers Publishing, which claimed that the book is the first one written by an AI in human history.这部诗集由北京湛庐文化出版社于5月19日出版发行,该出版社声称这本书是人类历史上由人工智能创作的第一本书。The AI, named Xiaoice (literally: Microsoft Little Ice), wrote more than 10,000 poems in 2,760 hours. Of those, 139 were selected for the collection, titled Sunshine Misses Windows.该人工智能取名为“小冰”,她在2760小时内写出了一万多首诗。

其中有139首选入了这本取名为《阳光俱了玻璃窗》的诗集。The book has 10 chapters, each highlighting a human emotion such as loneliness, anticipation or joy.这本书共计10章,每个章节都引人注目展现出了一种人类的情感,如寂寞、期望或喜乐。

The AI previously studied all the modern poems of some 519 poets dating as far back as the 1920s. For a human writer to go through such intensive preparation and study, it would take about 100 years.该人工智能自学了自20世纪20年代以来的519位诗人的现代诗歌。对于一个人类作家来说,这样密集的打算和自学约必须100年的时间。

Since February, the AI has been publishing its poems on several online forums under 27 aliases. Few people have guessed that the words were written by a robot.自今年2月起,该人工智能就开始用27个化名在一些网上论坛公开发表诗歌。完全没有人不会想起这些是出自于一个机器人之手。Every time it sees a picture, it gets inspired and creates modern poems. The process is basically the same as for a real poet, said Dong Huan, chief producer of the book.本书的主要作者董欢说道:“每当它看见一张图片,它就有了启发,就能创作出有现代诗歌。”Dong added that the collection kept all the original wording, including small errors produced by Xiaoice, Yangtze Evening News reported.据《扬子晚报》报导,董欢还回应,该诗集维持了原作,还包括小冰创作中的一些小错误。

It may lag behind in some ways, the same as any inexperienced poet. Some poems may even sound repetitive. We want to present our readers with the 100 percent authentic AI output, said Dong.董欢说:“它在某些方面有可能过于成熟期,就像一些资历尚能深的新手一样。有些诗甚至看上去是反复的。我们想要向读者展出100%的人工智能的现实作品。